Sometimes you have to go with the feeling in your gut, your intuition will always guide you on the path that is right for you. Great post! (Photo credit

Hertha Wolff-Arend | Be A Woman & Act Like One | Paso Robles Business Coaching

I consider myself to be a very intuitive woman. I often make decisions without checking all the facts.  I decide on what I sense is right, which is mostly a fast response without methodically evaluating pros and cons.  Enemies of this approach might call this “too emotional” and believe that due diligence is needed before acting.  I call this using your intuition.

There is truth in both viewpoints and I don’t want to deny the necessity of collecting facts on a matter or problem before resolving it.  There are many situations in life when due diligence seems to make sense, but still the final decision is often based on your unconscious mind known as your senses, gut feeling, or intuition.  Let me give you a couple of examples, perhaps similar to your own experiences.

When my husband and I went house hunting, we knew whether a house would be right…

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I am a GenXer and a Vice President, Human Resources for a marketing agency in Irvine, California. I have almost 20 years of experience in talent management and I love my job. I believe my purpose - in addition to overcoming some of my personal life lessons-is to encourage personal reflection and help others to find their path and passion. Do what you love, and you will love what you do. I oversee an award winning HR, Recruiting and Training Department (2013 American Business Award Gold for "HR Department of the Year") which provides me the opportunity to work with talented, insightful and amazing people every day.

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